Danfoss Pressure Switches

Normally when treating high TDS water, we face some operational failures because for this kind of saline water the normal operating pressure is between 9000 to 1100 PSI therefore during the process, we observed that incase of any accident such as pipeline burst there is high probability that operator can get injured. Hence, whenever we install any system, we make sure the safety of workers/operators is the utmost priority. As it can be observed that there is a pressure switch of Danfoss SS316, its work is to stop the plant if pressure crosses the higher limit. We also attached the mechanical release wall, so whenever the pressure limit crosses the upper threshold it automatically transfers from manual line to ½ line & release it into drain line through this process. This ensure HSE of the plant and workers making the operation of plant accident/injury free.

Hence, we can say that working environment is safe for workers, with its precautionary functions’ workers will be safe and secure. The genuine turn of events and usage of a prudent steps must be adjusted to the individual needs and elements of an association. One regular topic is that compelling correspondence of dangers, dangers, and wellbeing measures to all workers is an imperative component in the accomplishment of any program. This cause trust and faith of our employees on work and organization.

We have provided very safe environment to our laborers working on machine, with machine’s preparatory capacities in machine laborers will be sheltered and secure. The authentic new development and utilization of a reasonable advances must be changed in accordance with the individual needs and components of an affiliation. One normal point is that convincing correspondence of perils, threats, and prosperity measures to all specialists is a basic part in the achievement of any program. This reason trust and confidence of our representatives on work and association. Employees are the main stakeholders of the company & company’s performance.