Water is Life, and Pure Drinking Water ensures a healthy and long Living. Water is necessary for drinking and cooking purposes, but unfortunately, people are exposed to unclean water, which leads to various diseases in children and adults. Thanks to the advanced technology of Reverse Osmosis plant that has given a cost effective, reliable, and efficient system to purify Water.

RO water treatment plant

Water is an essential utility, and many other utilities are tied with the availability of the clean and good quality of water. In many urban and rural areas, there is no means of using pure water, and people are forced to use water full of contamination. The Reverse Osmosis, better known as RO water treatment plant, is the best method of purifying water for daily usage. The community gets to drink and use water at a modest price. Our RO water treatment Plant in Karachi Pakistan eliminates germs and contaminants and ensures a healthy life.

RO treatment plant

Impure drinking water is a common and alarming problem in both big urban cities and local rural towns. People have the right to use clean water to fulfill their daily utilities but have to bear with water full of impurities, whether it is unnecessary minerals, sediments, or even traces of chemical waste that can cause various threatening infections. An RO treatment plant is the cost effective solution that purifies the water by using a partially permeable membrane to remove the ions and impure and large molecules.

RO plant system

One of the most cost effective solution to clean water is by using the process of reverse osmosis, where the unnecessary minerals and ions are removed by pushing the water against pressure from a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane. The RO plant system typically has three cylinders, of which two are carbon filters, and one is a membrane.

The first is a carbon block filter that removes large sediment and molecules and prevents the membrane due to damage from excess sediment. The second cylinder is the membrane where the water is passed under pressure where minute minerals and ions are removed, making the water pure. The last carbon filter further refines the water and removes bad odors and flavors, making the water taste fresh.

RO plant manufacturers

There is a clear shortage of clean and healthy drinking water in Pakistan. Not every person can afford to pay a hefty amount to obtain mineral water run by multinational companies. The scope and use of new and efficient ways to provide clean drinking water is increasing. The reverse osmosis or RO process is growing popular due to its cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The RO plant manufacturers are providing a significant service not only to a common man, but the water purification systems such as the RO plants, Ultra Filtration Plants, and UV Water Purifiers are used across the residential, commercial, and industrial sector.  The RO plant manufacturers are using the most modern membrane technology with modular designed components that have lower water rejection rates and low operational and maintenance costs.

Reverse osmosis system

It is a natural phenomenon of water to move from lower to a higher concentration through a membrane. A reverse osmosis system uses pressure and passes the water through a sophisticated and efficient membrane that removes all the impurities giving pure and clean water.

It is a natural phenomenon of water to move from lower to a higher concentration through a membrane. A reverse osmosis system uses pressure and passes the water through a sophisticated and efficient membrane that removes all the impurities giving pure and clean water.

  • Reverse osmosis feed pump
  • Sand filter and a carbon filter
  • Cartridge assembly
  • Dosing pump
  • RO Membrane
  • Flowmeters
  • Electric control panel

RO Membrane

One of the most vital parts of the water purification through the reverse osmosis process is the semi-permeable membrane that only allows minute and cleans water molecules to pass while contaminants are flushed away. The membrane is present in one of the three cylinder canisters that ensure the purification of water.

An RO Membrane is made up of a synthetic material available in 2-inch, 4-inch, and 8-inch diameter. The membrane has small pores that allow small molecules of water to pass while preventing the large molecules from passing, which includes ions (dissolved salts) and other impurities such as bacteria. The membrane ensures more than 90% of purified water.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

We take many things for granted and are careless many times with our lifestyle options. But your health should be a priority, and you should always ensure that you drink clean water as numerous diseases stem from impurities and bacteria found in water. The reverse osmosis is one of the best methods to filter and purify water.

A reverse osmosis plant not only eliminates the biological and chemical impurities but makes the water light and refreshing by removing the hard metals such as chromium, iron, and fluoride. An RO plant uses a special type of semi-permeable membrane with tiny pores that prevent large molecules with impurities to pass and allows pure water to pass. The advantages of a reverse osmosis plant are

  • Easy to operate
  • No need for any chemicals or substances in the purification of water
  • The modular design of components allows easy installation
  • Energy efficient and reduces maintenance cost

Typical features of an RO plant consists are

  • Sediment pre-filter
  • A powder coated frame
  • Stainless steel pump for high pressure
  • Product and Reject Flowmeters
  • Efficient Membrane
  • Heavy duty tubing

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