Electric Panel Fabrication

This is our electric panel which was fabricated as per the design requirements. This panel has IP 65 grade. The fabricated sheet consist of 4 mm thickness CRC steel material.

What is IP 65?

  1. Complete security from residue, oil, and other non-destructive material
  2. Complete security from contact with encased gear
  3. Security from water, up to water anticipated by a spout against nook from any bearing
  4. Silk-screening, anodizing, or etching administrations accessible
  5. Custom with patterns, protection, pivots, hooks or bolts

Electric Panel are helpful towards making sure about all the electrical parts and accommodates practical unwavering quality too. They additionally accommodate a very much grouped and perfectly classified substation from where you can control the working of a considerable lot of the electrical segments and circuits. These panels can give capacity to a wide range of modes and zones while creating power from a solitary source. These boards are utilized generally inside the electrical, pharmaceutical, and different ventures and might be received by both huge and little scope businesses and endeavors. It is very essential to get reduce power consumption in operational activities & utilized for the effective result on power reduction or power savage. In other words, Electric panels are necessary to reduce cost of production.


These boards can offer ability to a wide scope of modes and zones while making power from a singular source. They furthermore suit a particularly assembled and completely characterized substation from where you can control the working of a significant parcel of the electrical sections and circuits. It is exceptionally basic to get diminish power utilization in operational exercises and used for the viable outcome on power decrease or force savage. As such Electric boards are important to diminish cost of creation. Electric Board are useful towards ensuring pretty much all the electrical parts and obliges reasonable immovable quality as well.