Multi-media filters or ultrafiltration (UF) pre-treatment offer benefits for your Systems including lower membrane fouling, reduced cleaning costs, increased the flux, increased membrane life and longer membrane warranty. Depth filters offer superior SDI reduction, the lower pressure drop with greater dirt holding capacity and up to twice the life of conventional depth filters. RO membranes offer a broad portfolio of high rejection seawater water membranes. Several low energy and low fouling membranes are available to reduce overall plant costs.

Our SW desalination solutions are based on the latest technologies. UMT supplies desalination solutions designed specifically for your application. Your fully integrated desalination process can include: depth filters, UF Pre-treatment, reverse osmosis elements, pre-engineered systems, chemicals, after sale services, SCADA, Build, Own & Operate (BOO)

As experts in total dissolved solids removal and deionization, UMT offers solutions that encompass water reuse and conservation throughout your operations, optimization of existing water production, and design and construction of new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly desalination processes. With speedy response and reliability, UMT can be your one source accountable for components, membranes, system performance, and more product offerings cover each stage of your fully integrated deionization process. To help plan your system, we analyze your water requirement, test your source water, evaluate your potential for reuse and conservation, and perform a treatment cost-benefit analysis.

sea water filter
S-RO -50 S-RO -100 S-RO -150 S-RO -200
Flow Rates Permeate rate 50 gpm

(11 m3/hr)

100 gpm

(23 m3/hr)

150 gpm

(34 m3/hr)

200 gpm

(45 m3/hr)

Concentrate rate 13 gpm

(3 m3/hr)

25 gpm

(6 m3/hr)

38 gpm

8.5 m3/hr)

50 gpm

(11 m3/hr)

Concentrate Recycle 10 gpm



10 gpm

(2.3 m3/hr)

NA 15 gpm



Feed Rate 63 gpm

(14 m3/hr)

125 gpm

(28.5 m3/hr)

188 gpm

(43 m3/hr)

250 gpm

(57 m3/hr)

Performance Data Membrane quantity 12 24 36 48
Recovery 80%
Nominal rejection 97–99%
TDS (NaCl mg/L) < 2500
Design temperature 60°F (16°C)
Operating range (°C) 15–30
Operating pH 5.5–8.5
Inlet pressure (psi) 30–60
Design Feed Flow Rate 73 gpm

(17 m3/hr)

135 gpm

(31 m3/hr)

188 gpm

(43 m3/hr)

265 gpm

(60 m3/hr)

Design Boost Pressure 330 psig

(23 Bar)

275 psig

(19 Bar)

280 psig

(19.3 Bar)

240 psig

(16.5 Bar)

Installed Power 18.6 kW 30 kW 45 kW

✓ Maximum permeate rate listed at design temperature. Permeate rate will be greatly reduced with temperatures below the design temperature
✓ Guideline only—Consult UMT for help with specific ions in feed water. Consult UMT  0with system design questions. projection software is also available to help with the prediction of permeate quality


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