Lifestream is a world-leading high-tech USA company based in Southern California. The key to company success is the development and service of a worldwide agent-distributor network, commitment to on-time delivery, accurate and timely proposals, and quality engineered products Lifestream Water Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of water purification and desalination systems specializing in Reverse Osmosis Technology, Membrane Separation, and Water Filtration Equipment.


Miranda very well know the name for wastewater treatment plant throughout the globe. It’s top leading brand has the ability to treat biological wastewater within low space. Miranda based in Turkey, Jakarta. BMW (German Car Manufacturer) have major shares of Miranda. Miranda is an engineering, consultancy, manufacturing and R&D company focused on the treatment of water, wastewater and reuse of treated water. We are established to offer solutions to the growing water management needs of our country and the world struggling with the management of depleting water resources caused by global warming. In 2012, to further strengthen its position in Turkey and to expand in the international

For 25 years plus, Lifestream has been responding to water challenges worldwide through engineering, customization, innovative solutions, and technical knowledge and by manufacturing quality products. They supply systems and parts to major markets for our standard and customized products to produce: Drinking water, High Purity Water, Recycled Water

markets, Miranda Board of Directors agreed to accept the partnership offer by SKion (Suzanne Klatten Investment Group) which is owned by one of the largest shareholders of BMW AG, world famous car manufacturer. As a consequence of this partnership, Miranda will achieve its objectives much faster and will also be proud to carry the quality of Turkish manufacturing throughout the world Miranda is focused to address the needs within its area of activity accurately and expediently with its experienced technical staff who are ready to serve with the principle of total customer satisfaction