The MUNI series brackish water reverse osmosis machine offers a turnkey, pre-packaged solution to remove color, hardness or other total dissolved solids required with municipalities. These skid-mounted systems are available in various models capable of delivering permeate at 100–450 gpm. Preprogrammed to monitor and control other unit operations, they are meant to be part of a larger flow schematic that would typically include pretreatment, transfer pumps, permeate storage tanks, and chemical feed pumps. Further, they are flexible, as we can modify them to meet requirements for specific sites and situations


• Many options available for a configurable product to suit your needs
• The USA manufactured membrane elements,
• Documentation is already available on our systems
• 15–18 GFD
• Permeate flush
• Array by Array cleaning
• Two Array design


• Designed with many years of experience and proven to perform.
• Speed of delivery: 12–16 weeks, depending on options chosen.

Flow Rates Permeate rate 100 gpm 150 gpm 225 gpm 300 gpm
Concentrate rate 33 gpm 50 gpm 75 gpm 100 gpm
Feed Rate 133 gpm 200 gpm 300 gpm 400 gpm
Performance Data Membrane quantity 24 36 54 72
Recovery 75–85%
Nominal rejection 97–99%
TDS (NaCl mg/L) < 2500
Design temperature 60°F (16°C)
Operating range


35–85°F (1.6–29.4°C)
Operating pH 5.5–8.5
Inlet pressure (psi) 30–60
Design Feed Flow Rate 73 gpm

(17 m3/hr)

135 gpm

(31 m3/hr

188 gpm

(43 m3/hr)

265 gpm

(60 m3/hr)

Design Boost


330 psi

(23 Bar)

275 psi

(19 Bar)

280 psi

(19.3 Bar)

240 psi

(16.5 Bar)

Motor Hp 1–25 hp 1–40 hp 1–50 hp

✓ Maximum permeate rate listed at design temperature. Permeate rate will be greatly
reduced with temperatures below the design temperature

✓ Guideline only—Consult UMT for help with specific ions in feed water. Consult UMT with
system design questions. projection software is also available to help with the prediction of
permeate quality