Remove residual salts and other aqueous species from your water with up to low as possible resistivity. E-Series reverse osmosis offers complete, pre-engineered, standardized solutions to meet your water filtration requirements, saving you money and ensuring reliability. The machines fit flow requirements from 375 gpd to 288,000 gpd (0.06 m 3/h to 45.4 m 3/h). Ideal applications include car washes, office applications, product dilution or mixing, spot-free product rinses, restaurant and grocery, boiler feedwater, safe drinking water, process ingredient water, and ion exchange pre-treatment. UMT’s RO systems offer reliability, ease of operation, cost savings, consistent water quality treatment, and improved removal of contaminants. Other E-Series RO benefits include:

• Skid-mounted and ready to use with complete system delivery
• No assembly; plugand-play simplicity
• Easy to order, with configure to order options
• Complete factory support for any and all inquiries
• Drawings and manuals available by contacting your UMT sales representative

Model Example Model ECO-2-1125 ECO-4 6600 ECO-4H 27 ECO-4 6600 LE
Operating Temperature Range °C (°F) 13–35 (55–85)
Operating Pressure (bar) 14–15 15 14–15 6.8–7.6
Maximum Recovery 50% 75%
Nominal Rejection 95–98%
Recovery Range 33–50% 50–75% 66–75%
Permeate Rate m/h(gpm) 0.18 (0.78) 1.0 (4.5) 4.3 (18.8)
Concentrate Rate m3/h(gpm) 0.07 (0.3) 1-0.3 (4.5–1.5) 1.4 (6.3)
Membrane Elements 3 15
Array 1–1–1 3–2
Pump Type Rotary Valve Multi-stage, Centrifugal
Pump Motor: KW (HP) 0.56 (0.75) 3-phase, TEFC290/380 VAC 3-phase, TEFC, 380 VAC 3-phase, TEFC,190/380 VAC
Power Options 50 Hz/60 Hz

✓ Maximum permeate rate listed at design temperature. Permeate rate will be greatly reduced with temperatures below the design temperature
✓ Guideline only—Consult UMT for help with specific ions in feed water. Consult UMT with system design questions. projection software is also available to help with the prediction of permeate quality.