GF Sonic

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Usually operators face issues in taking reading the meter you watching in the picture is analog rotameter of GF Sonic due to which on it there are magnetic bars from it we can easily lock [...]

Danfoss SS316

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Normally when we treat high TDS water we face some operational failures because normal operating pressure is from 1000 to 1100 PSI so during the process we observed that sometimes operator get injured so whenever [...]

IBP 10.2

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We have installed IBP 10.2 with it turbo exchanger is also attached which named as ISAFE this is a series of Danfoss its advantage is that it is a excel piston system which is very [...]


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This Aquiline is used rarely to filtrate 200 GPM water into 1 Micron & 5 Micron. It does absolute filtration not nominal. The system installed is Turkish which is designed on 40,000 TDS in which [...]

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