The Titan series brackish water reverse osmosis machine offers a compact treatment system for variable water quality. Configurable process flow to meet changing water demands—either two passes or two train operability in a single system on two models. Onboard single-point data normalization for performance monitoring and a VFD for the high-pressure pump to optimize energy usage and accommodate varying water temperatures. This system is easy to install and has premium instrumentation. Designed to meet some challenging specifications, choose UMT α- series to meet many specifications


• Many options available for aconfigurable product to suit yourneeds
• The USA manufactured membrane elements,
• Documentation is already available on our systems
• SS, Sch.10 High- and low-pressure piping
• NEMA 4 Enclosure
• Array by Array cleaning


• Designed with many years of experience and proven to perform.
• Speed of delivery: 12–16 weeks, depending on options chosen.

α-36 α-72 α-90 α-144
Flow Rates Permeate rate 130 gpm 260 gpm,

130 gpm per train

325 gpm two trains,

166 gpm two pass

520 gpm,

260 gpm per train

Concentrate rate 43 gpm 86 gpm,

43 gpm per train

109 gpm two trains,

65 gpm two pass

174 gpm,

87 gpm per train

Feed Rate 173 gpm 346 gpm,

173 gpm per train

433 gpm two trains,

217 gpm two pass

694 gpm,

347 gpm per train

Performance Data Membrane


36 72 90 144
Recovery 75%
Nominal rejection 97–99%
TDS (NaCl mg/L) < 2500
Design temperature 60°F (16°C)
Operating range (°C) 16–25
Operating pH 5.5–8.5
Inlet pressure (psi) 30–60
  • Maximum permeate rate listed at design Permeate rate will be greatly reduced with temperatures below the design temperature
  • Guideline only—Consult UMT for help with specific ions in feed Consult UMT with system design questions. projection software is also available to help with the prediction of permeate quality.