This is open water treatment facility which is making drinking water, we founded that some compliances wasn’t completing because of sunlight explosures on its Rota meters & on its P tines & explosure cause algae growth which is against drinking water standards of WHO. So, we covered the sideline, trigged it from its biocides & did alkaline wash from girasol 7047 & made the system online again. WHO produces global standards on water quality and human wellbeing as rules that are utilized as the reason for guideline and standard setting around the world.

The Guidelines for drinking-water quality (GDWQ) advance the security of general wellbeing by supporting for the improvement of locally significant principles and guidelines (wellbeing based targets), appropriation of preventive hazard the board approaches covering catchment to purchaser (Water Wellbeing Plans) and autonomous observation to guarantee that Water Security Plans are being actualized and successful and that national norms are being met. Drinking water is most critical part of life. So, prevention measures are necessary to make sure the fulfillment of the WHO drinking water standards, if we provide good quality drinking water our results will impact positively & we contribute in a healthier environment of our surrounding also.

the security of general prosperity by helping for the betterments of domestically huge standards and rules for prosperity based targets, appointment of preventive peril the board approaches covering catchment to buyer for Water Prosperity Plans and independent perception to ensure that Water Security Plans are being realized and effective and that national standards are being met. Drinking water is most basic piece of life. Along these lines, anticipation measures are important to ensure the satisfaction of the drinking water principles, on the off chance that we give great quality drinking water our outcomes will affect emphatically and we contribute in a more advantageous condition of our encompassing moreover.